Family Worship is Necessary

So, we’ve collected some excellent resources for you to help you not only make it a priority, but equip you to do it well!

Don Whitney, author of the book Family Worship, recently developed a 5 day email course on how to lead your family in worship.  Please take advantage of this excellent, free resource called Family Worship 101.

Here is what Crossway publishing has to say about it: 

Join Donald S. Whitney for a free, 5-day email course designed to teach you how to lead your family in worship every day.  You’ll learn the 3 key components of family worship and practical tips designed to help you actually make it happen on a daily basis, taking the mystery out of leading your loved ones in worshiping God together. After the course is over, you’ll continue to receive encouraging, gospel-centered content delivered directly to your inbox once a week—helping you walk closely with God each and every day.

Also, my friend, Jason Helopoulos, wrote a fantastic book on Family Worship entitled Neglected Grace: Family Worship Christian Home.  That book will convince you of the necessity of family worship, inspire you to do it, but also instruct you in the “how to” of it. 

Both of the above mentioned books are well worth your time. But even if you don’t pick up either of them, please sign up and check out the FREE, 5 day Family Worship 101 email course!

Lastly, remember to sign up for the Young Families Weekend! Registration begins February 1st at!