If you weren’t able to attend the Young Families and Young Adults Vision Dinner on September 18th, here is short summary of what was presented…


The Vision for our Young Adult and Young Family Ministries:

To be a people who are redeeming our homes, neighborhoods, and communities through the transforming power of the Gospel.


We aim to see this happen through 4 primary values:

  1. That we would keep Christ as supreme and His gospel at the center of all that we do
  2. That we would be faithful in creating a culture of vulnerability and honesty
  3. That we would be a resource rich ministry, helping our people easily engage with gospel-centered resources as they grow, develop, and lead others
  4. That we would be a safe place to land and launch (helicopter pad illustration)


Further Explanation:

  • In everything we do we want to exalt Jesus and make Him known. Whether it is through events, small groups, connect groups, conversations, retreats, etc. our goal is to show Christ, His life, death, resurrection, and reign, as the greatest and most important message of hope to those in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities.


  • We desire to create a community where people feel comfortable to share their faults and struggles. Church is so often a place where broken people feel like they need to clean themselves up in order to fit in and belong. We want our ministries to be a safe place for the Gospel to meet people where they are rather than where they pretend to be. Real people with real struggles encountering a real Savior who gives real healing…that’s what we long to experience.


  • We want to abundantly resource you to help you grow in your own personal relationship with Jesus, but also to help you effectively and attractively live out your faith in front of those the Lord has placed in your life. If you’re a parent, we want to help you winsomely live out your faith in front of your children. If you’re married, we want to help you live out your faith and demonstrate the love of Christ to your spouse. If you’re single, we want to help you live out your faith in front of your friends, your roommates, your colleagues, etc. Wherever God has you in life, we want to invest in you and resource you so that you can be a mature and equipped follower of Christ!


  • Whenever you see the picture below on the top of a building what do you see? What is it used for?


Most people would say that it is a helicopter pad that is used when a helicopter is landing. That’s true! However, it is also used for another purpose. It is also a launching pad. Often we view church as a landing pad and only that. We come, we worship by feeding on the teaching of the Word and through song, we establish some friendships and community, perhaps we participate in a class or two, and we might even serve as a volunteer at the church in some capacity. Those are all great and wonderful things!


But as you have found a place to land and get what your soul needs, are you also looking to launch out into the world around you to bring others to the One who has satisfied your soul?


We hope and pray that our ministries are not only places where people can land and find healing and belonging, but also a place where we are launched into our neighborhoods and communities so that others may land and belong as well.