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Wrestling With What?

This past week I had a chance to speak with a group of parents. We walked through a number of topics, but one that I have been really working into my own life is the idea of wrestling with God. We Young Families Blog – Wrestling with an Angelhave all heard the story of Jacob, who wrestled with God throughout the night seeking a blessing.

Family Worship Resources

We’ve collected some excellent resources for you to help you with your family worship times.

Don Whitney, author of the book Family Worship, recently developed a 5 day email course on how to lead your family in worship. Please take advantage of this excellent, free resource called Family Worship 101.

Handling Criticism

Adam seemed to think sin wouldn’t have occurred had God not made Eve. What an oversight on God’s part, huh?! (For those just waking up, that was sarcasm). Jesus was criticized early and often by the professional religious people of the day. There isn’t a leader in human history who hasn’t experienced scathing critique. CEO’s, coaches, politicians, doctors, teachers, and all sorts of other talented people are criticized at every turn by someone. There is no escaping criticism.

It’s December!

It’s December! The Advent Season is upon us once again!

The busy nature of this time of year, the shopping, the cooking, the pressure can all be very distracting from our incredible reason to celebrate at Christmas time.

Give Thanks

Sometimes we try too hard to pull out a little nuance and miss the obvious. Thanksgiving is this week, and the theme is simple: Give thanks. The Puritans set aside a day to thank God for His provision in the harvest.


Anger strikes up all kind of images in our minds.

Some of those images are painful. Maybe because of what someone has done to us in anger, or maybe because of what we have done to others in anger. Likely it’s a little of both.

Mama, Don’t Ever Give Up

i was in line behind a woman and her young son when the cashier brought out a lollipop for the little boy. a treat which the boy gladly and quickly accepted. in fact, he swiped that sucker right out of her hand and jammed it fast into his ready mouth without missing a beat and, sadly, without one word of thanks.

Sin Puppies and Spitting Princesses

Stories are so important to tell children. They are a way to get to their little hearts, down on their level. When trying to get to the hearts of my children in their disobedience, I try to use stories to capture their hearts.

The Purpose of Parenting, Part 3

Biblical hope is not at all like our modern day understanding of hope. It is not wishful thinking. It is not a desire which may or may not be met. Biblical hope is confident expectation. Biblical hope is knowing the God of truth, resting on his promises, and acting accordingly.

The Purpose of Parenting, Part Two

Malachi 2:15 says, “And what was the one God seeking? Godly offspring.” The purpose of parenting is godly offspring. Godly offspring rather than good offspring is the goal. In human terms, godly people are good, but not all good people are godly. Godly means the person becomes more and more like God.